Sunday, April 20, 2008

Princess ( 2008 )

Genre: Kids & Family
I love Fairy tale - movies ^___^. Glad I watched this movie on ABC Family channel.

A Princess who is looking for a healer for the creatures in her castle.She didn't tell the man ( who won a bid 50K ) to help her " project ".

At the end,William,falls in love with Princess Ithaca. Princess Ithaca must find a " Searcher " which she believed that William was the man who could help her heal the creatures.

Both William and Ithaca find the true Searcher,which is a braided hair with a beetle tatto, Jitterbug/Calliope, to heal them.

Finally Calliope went to the Castle and help them healed.The magical job was continued by Calliope in the castle. Princess Ithaca becomes a regular woman and... happily ever after with William. ^___^


  1. nanti mau nonton film ini ah, ada di-DVD kan?
    kujuga suka sekali dgn fairy tale-movies, TFS.

  2. Ini premiernya semalam,Mbak.Kurang tau DVD nya udah keluar apa blm. Bagus nih film.Pengen nonton lagi ^__^