Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back Home to States :(

Duh..... after spending vacation for 1.5 months,willy nilly I must go home.It's too quick.Feels like just yesterday I came here and have to go back home.

I packed up my stuff in the middle of the nite and called Ronnie. I said to Ronnie I didn't wanna go home.He's disappointed. He said," Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... you're breaking my heart.Pls come home.I miss you so bad here. Can't wait any longer. Please, I need you." Awwwww..............

I asked Ronnie if he could let me stay another week. He said," Well..if you wanna,you can.It's up to you. " Aghh.... My doctor gave me time limit till Sept 3rd only.Besides,Joe is still in P.Sidempuan ( he got job training there for 10 days,and be back around Sep 4th .Still,can't meet him ). He cried when he left last week.Bah..that boy could cry,too . :D

Well... it's my last day in Siantar now.This noon at 3 pm we'll depart to Medan,stay overnite and fly to SIN on Thurs nite. I really don't like it.


This is my home,this is my heart, my family, this  is where my home land is.Hopefully I could come back soon with Ronnie and Baby Ries.

Wish me the best.Hope I would have a great trip,and be safe arrived in Cincinnati,OH.

Love ya all my family. I really do..... Breaks my heart to leave you all again.The same moment after Papi's bday I left for States 3 yrs ago,now it is repeated again....

I left for States Sept 3rd 2004, a few weeks after Papi's bday.... I am going to leave for States again .............


Pic: Papi's bday on Aug 19th, 2007.


  1. Mei...we pray that you have safe trip back to Cincinnati, OH. God Bless You my sister !!

  2. Mei, welcome back! hopefully you will recover from your homesick because you are leaving your family.

  3. Mei, have a safe trip back home, udah jgn sedih nanti juga pulkam lagi. :P

  4. My Funny Girl, jgn sedih gitu ah... kasihan Baby Ries dong... nanti khan bisa PULKAM lagi, apa engga kangen sama suami yg mencintai kamu?..... Ayo yg semangat dong sayang ♥

  5. hey dont b sad...u re going back to ur second home remember :)

    where u find another different loves there...

    hati2 ya mei...

  6. hati2 di jalan ya... have a nice trip..

  7. have a save trip darling....setuju bgt ma Whenny...take care Mei!

  8. Hi, Mei i hope you have a safe fligh came back here to US,and take care.............

  9. HI, mei...have a nice flight ya..kan ketemu swami..uhu...
    transit ning singapore ya, berapa jam?

  10. Welcome back to US again, hope you have a nice trip!

  11. Ada pertemuan dan ada perpisahan. Kalo rindu kampung halaman, tinggal telepon ajah. Kalo ada rejeki lebih, kalian bertiga bisa balik lagi ke medan, ya gak. Don't to worry about that. Have a nice flight back to USA. Semoga sampai hari persalinannya berjalan baik yah pd saatnya nanti

  12. bukannya mau ngelahirin di Siantar Eda....???

  13. have a safe & enjoyable trip back to the US yah Mei, Tuhan berkati....

  14. thnks to you all. I've been crying since last nite. Ini disembunyiin terus mukanya,gak mau diliat sama kel.Melarikan diri ke internet,bercucuran air mata. Bntr lagi Mei2 berangkat ke airport. Menghitung detik2 terakhir sama kel ngumpul. Jam 8.40pm nanti berangkat.

    Thnks for all your supports... Msh berat rasanya utk plg ke States.Tapi apa boleh buat, suami sudah menunggu di sana.

    Pray for me and Baby Ries would be save till destination.


  15. aku sedih, aku sedih, aku sedih!
    lho? salah ekspresi! mahap,,,
    hix hix hix,,