Thursday, August 30, 2007

Aug 30th - Back to States ( Day 1 - Singapore )

Just arrived in Singapore at 10.45pm tonite ( Aug 30th ).It's really hard to leave the beloved land,Indonesia and back to States.

Spending 1.5months with the family feels like it's way too quick.I wanted more and more.Tried hard not to cry at the airport,but I failed.Everyone was there,but Joe.It's so sad.........

I pray that my family will be doing ok.Papi's been sick for years.I was afraid I wouldn't have a chance to meet him again.Praise the Lord,this year I came back home and met him.He's still healthy,has good appetite,still energic and dresses like young guys. Ha ha ha ha ha.Love ya,Papi!!!!!!

I changed some money and called my family.Mami said,'Everyone cries here.One by one went to the bedroom and cried quietly there.Thanks for everything." Bahhh.....Mami cried too,when she told me that. ( Duh.......made me cry again ).

Amoy said that they had called Ronnie.I bet Ronnie is so excited to see me there.Ronnie will pick me at the airport.

I called Ronnie at work.He sounded so happy. He he he he. I said," I don't wanna go home,baby." Ronnie said," Honey, I am sorry.You stuck with me here." :P . Yeah..yeah... yeah...  I got stuck with him and the baby. He's been missing me so bad,he said.He needs me so bad . Ok,boss... I am coming home...

Later,I called Lina ( MPer ). We plan to meet tomorrow morning at the airport.I don't know if she's allowed to get into the hotel.I'll figure it out.

It's 12 midnite anyway.Wanna check in to transit hotel.Really tired and hungry.I'll update my trip tomorrow morning.


Pray for us to have a great trip. God bless!!!

Mei - Mei & Baby Ries



  1. take care Eda.......jangan terlalu sedih.....biar baby Ries gak sedih juga.....

  2. moga2 perjalanannya lancar sampai tujuan ya mei!

  3. have a safe trip! welcome back to US

  4. morning....just checked out from hotel.Directly called my family.Kaget dengar suara org nangis di telp.Mei2 kirain salah pencet no.Gak taunya Papi pagi2 udh nangis baca surat Mei2,sampe tersedak2 gitu...Duh.... jadi kepikiran lagi.Barusan telp Ronnie,sampe nangis2 blg bener2 gak pengen plg.My family bond is stronger than before. :( .

    Mo cari sarapan dulu,lapar pisan.

  5. Emang selalu sedih yah, ninggalin keluarga. Tp kasian jg hubbynya ditinggal lama2. Kan katanya udah satu, engga dua lagi. Jd jgn terlalu sedih yah. Have a safe trip back.

  6. semoga perjalanannya lancar ya .......

  7. Udah Mei jgn sedih lagi, nanti juga ketemu lagi, take care & GBU.

  8. welcome back da meimei. jgn sedih deh, nanti setelah si baby lahir, bisa pulkam lagi.

  9. I'm back. Arrived in Cincinnati this morning at 8am. Mo unpacking dulu.Kecapekan tadi,tidur seharian sampe malam.
    Thnks to you all.. Bsk deh diupdate berita n foto2nya.