Thursday, May 26, 2011

Miss Him.....Dearly :(

I dreamt about him again.  Miss him so very very much.

All a sudden I was in a place, looked like a hall room, more like class room.Then Papi came to the door, picking me up. He was so young, back when he's 40'ish. I still remembered he did pick us up when we're in primary school. Our teacher didn't let him take us, because he didn't trust Papi was our Dad. The reason ??? " The kids don't look like him! He's dark. The kids look like Chinese kids. " . Papi had to call my cousin ( who used to live with us, teach at the school - till now,) and asked her to convince the teacher.

He had a jaw dropped when my cousin told him that " the kids're mixed. Daddy's Indonesian- Mommy's Chinese. "  That's really funny to see the teacher's face expression at that time.

Anyway, back to my story.....

There, Papi met Mom ( yes, my Mom in law ) for the 1st time, and introduced one each other. I was informed that one of our aunts ( Papi's cousin ) fell and injured herself. So, we're asked to go home with him immediately.

We rushed went home. At home, we saw Bou Lila, who's at her age 60'ish, having a hard time walking . She has a bleeding head. I saw the blood came down from  her head. Mami asked what happened to her. She said," Oh, I don't know. I just fell on the ground."

One thing that I know for sure, that in ALL my dreams, Papi never talked! He always smiles, and through his smiles, as if he spoke to us.

Wonder why............

I know he's watching us over there. As if invisible angel......

Papi, I love you! We love you!


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