Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dec 29th '08 :Vacation to Grand Victoria,IN

After dropping MeiLee to home from KY,we drove to Grand Victoria,IN. We stopped at Frisch's for lunch.

We arrived at Grand Victoria abt 3 pm. We had a short nap and went to look around the casino. It's a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee boat. We've never been to casino before ^___^.

Ronnie suggested to have buffet in the hotel. Food wasn't good ( psst.. I am not an american food,anyway ) ^____^. Then we roamed around the casino and played some games :P

We decided to take a break ( counting how much money we brought,how much we spent and earnt ). Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I told Ronnie not to go out again at nite. When we came back, we found a basket of fruit on the table. Wah!!!!!! Surprise!!!!!!!!!

I called the receptionist and asked why there's gift for us.He said," Yes,Maam. It's for your anniversary gift." Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I forgot!!!!!!!! When I booked the room, I told them we'd like to celebrate our anniversary. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

What a nice treat :P . So,we enjoyed the nite by having some fruits and looked at the boat from the window.

Ronnie invited me to go back to the casino and play some game. We played till 2 am and decided to stop. Ronnie made some money!!! ^____^

The next day,before we checked out,we went to the casino.We didn't have bfast. Ronnie asked me to play for the last time. Hey!!! I made 100 bucks on Black Jack Game. Ronnie made almost the same amount. But,I kept playing and lost. AGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Ronnie laughed.I let him play and he stopped at 75 bucks :P . We're lucky cos there's a Pinoy who taught us how to play the game.

Ronnie changed the voucher into cash. He said,' Oh well... at least it covered our room hotel." Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. We went home with some money :P

We stopped by at Dearbone to have lunch. We saw Chinese Buffet ^___^. I really enjoyed the food.

After having a long drive,we arrived at home abt 5 pm. MeiLee was really happy to see us. She kept holding Ronnie. ha ha ha ha ha ha.She ignored her Mommy.. hiks...hiks..hiks...

Over all...we really enjoyed the trip. I went directly to the bedroom cos I had horrible headache ^____^.

It's a great trip and surely we wanna do it again next time :P . But, I really missed MeiLee soooooooooo much. We intended to extend another nite ( again,we thought about not doing it and went home for MeiLee ) :P


  1. happy anniversary mei and ronnie, hotel dan casinonya keren banget. asyik kayana. meilee seneng ya papa mama pulang :)

  2. asiknya yg ber2an, Jadi lupa ma anak nich..hehehhe

  3. mmm so nice to lick....yammy ice cream...I ganna visit here

  4. kepikiran mulu sama MeiLee malah.Aneh rasanya gak liat MeiLee seharian :P

  5. 2 bucks something for the dessert.Can't beat the price :P

  6. very very big boat. We had lots of fun there. :P

  7. lho?? yang ini meilee ngak diajak???

  8. gak.... melarikan diri dari anak dan mertua barang 1 malam :P

  9. ha ha ha ... 2nd honeymoon... :P