Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dec 28th : Family Vacation to Wild Wood Inn,KY

Just had time to upload our family vacation back in Dec to WWI,KY.We took MeiLee to KY. We chose the Victorian Floral Suite.It's beautiful,neven been to this kind of hotel before. :P

We forgot to bring MeiLee's portable playpen.Thank God,the hotel employee lent us one.

Overall,it's a nice bedroom. I had a nightmare,indeed. Kinda scary ^___^.
My body floated like a dead fish on the ground. Ronnie kept asking if I was ok or not. He said," Are you ok ??? Baby... please answer me.. Or, we'll out from here rite now." It's abt 3am.But, I told Ronnie I would be fine.

I prayed and kept telling Ronnie to pray for me,too. Thank God,it's over.

We didn't roam around the hotel alot. We took MeiLee to the doom and saw the swimming pool and the playground.

The next day,we dropped MeiLee home and drove to IN,for another day.


  1. MeiLee demen main2 dgn bungkusan gula,Myen. Suka disusun2 sama dia :P

  2. serasa dibawa ke abad 18-19th, da.. ha ha ha ha ha

  3. Baru liat kamar hotel decornya seperti dirumah sendiri...nice

  4. saya salurkan tenaga dalam hohoho...

  5. ha ha ha ha.. Honeymoon konon,yg ada malah menggelepar2 kyk ikan kekeringan jam 3 pagi. lol

  6. pantes sih kl rada2 angker, abis auranya jg enggak banget tuh hehehe.
    tp bagus sih, ik suka dekornya jaman duluw banget :)

  7. Meilee dah gede bgt yah, she's a big girl now :)

  8. Janji,lain kali gak mau ambil kamar model begini. Lol....

    Bsk lusa mo coba Treehouse or Venetian Room. :P

  9. udh gede... rada2 tomboy.. ha ha ha ha.. How's Lil Hannah ?