Saturday, May 31, 2008

May 31st :Attending The Burkey's Wedding

Duh.we're so late for the ceremony.Me and Barb were lost !!!!!!!!Had to have Amel navigate us from phn.^________^.

Oom Iwan called me and said the ceremony was over. I felt so very bad. The reception was started already. Got 2 pieces of cake ( Servatti's ) and fruit punch. Yummy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There we met Rani, Cie Ira n Ling2's family. She got 2 mo old baby girl. Cutie!!!!!

We teased Oom Iwan abt the Indonesian cultures ( since he's mixed, Indo & Dutch ). I teased him by saying " kompeni ". hahahahahaha.

Barb invited the others to hang out somewhere else. Everybody hasn't eaten yet. We went to Grand Buffet guided by Rani.

Duhhh.... food was good. Chit chat and everybody was full.

Btw, I was so disappointed not seeing Dewi during the ceremony.She said that she maid her own veil ( she dressed up in Chinese outfit ).

So beautiful !!!!

Congratulations, The Burkeys !!!!

Thanks for coming, friends!!!!


  1. cantik ya? layernya raspberry di atas, trus yg di bwh blueberry. She got 50 % from Servatti.Iyalah, Dewi krj di sana ^__^

  2. Nice cake....i like it soo colorfull...............

  3. Hi Mei,biarpun finally you make it,cheers............

  4. hehe lucu nih lagi nonton apa ya...kok serius banget hehe......... ;D & sooo cute..........

  5. Aduh serius sekali bobonya, ngantuk yah amang?

  6. Waah acaranya seruu banget ciie.... seneng yah kumpul-kumpul gini... :-)

  7. Aduuuh kasian Mei Lee... capekk... kiss..kiss... from aunty yah sayang... mmuuaahh... :-)

  8. Oom Iwan kayak hawaiian ya, Mei....

  9. MeiLee pake baju begitu cantik deh...