Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sep 11th'12 : Soon...Baby...Soon....

Yes..... soon.... baby.... soon

9 more weeks, and you'll be in our arms  . We can't wait to have you. ML was very excited the 1st time we told her that she'd be a BIG SISTER

Daddy told her back in March that ML would need to move to another bedroom when the baby's here. Guess what ? She moved right away that night!!!!  We asked why she moved, she said," Oh no, it's OK. My room is gonna be for my baby brother. " ha ha ha h aha ha ha.

Yes, we thought it's gonna be a baby boy, but when I had my 2nd ultrasound back in July 2nd ( Thank God, Daddy came along with me), the nurse was not quiet sure about the gender. She said," It looks like a GIRL."

I was disappointed in the beginning, for I or we, wanted to have a baby boy. But, in the end, it's ALL OK. We're happy to have another GIRL.

We still keep ML's baby clothes, her toys, her bassinet, her crib. Some friends even already gave me lots of baby clothes and stuff. So, we're ready for BABY RIES!!!!!

My lovely friend, Christina DeBord is throwing me a baby shower this weekend. My.... it's been a while since I had one, almost 5 yrs ago.

On top of it, we can't wait to have Mami to be amongs us this week, Thursday. She'd fly from Indonesia to States, and will stay with us for 6 months!

Hey, I didn't mean to make Mami come here to take care of the baby. She had had the visa long time before I got pregnant.LOL She's excited to see the 2nd baby, since she's not here when I delivered ML, but she and my whole family saw my big belly when I was pregnant back in 2007.

So far, I am at the 30th week. According to my OB GYN, Baby Ries' due by Nov 14th. Ronnie said the other week, he's doubt it. Baby Ries might come out sooner! ha ha ha ha ha ha. The reason why, cos he can feel the baby's been kicking my belly actively since a month ago! Nonstop!

I have back problem lately, the belly's getting bigger, although I didn't gain much. I was 150lbs 1st time I found out I was pregnant. My OB GYN was not really happy to see how I kept loosing weight for a few months. Once I was down to 146lbs! Now, I gain some, 154lbs till today.

Some ladies at work, jokingly said they envy me, for not gaining so much.. One lady said," I told my Mom, and she's like, " I wanna strangle that girl, she didn't gain much, I gained a lot!" ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Even some didn't notice that I am pregnant, cos I sit behind my desk a lot.

Well....as long as Baby Ries' healthy, it's fine. It's just me, my body is getting weaker, getting older,too, I guess. LOL. Having breathing problem, back problem, feet hurt ect. You name it.

Hopefully it'll be over soon.

Soon...baby...soon..... we're counting weeks now

Till then, Mommy, Daddy & ML will be discussing about your name, sweetheart! We pray that from head to toes, you're perfectly healthy.




  1. selamat ya...
    btw... mulai nulis disini ya? ... padahal mp mau tutup

  2. Iya,cie. Udh mo tutup ya ? :( Bingung ini mo pindahin foto2, blog n resep2. Pa kabar ????

  3. waaaah mampir sini lagi ya? ;)

    mudah2an baby Ries sehat dan lancar persalinannya ya mei.
    Akhirnya mama bisa terbang ke Amerika,.. klo gak salah dari tahun lalu yaa urusan visanya :)

  4. mp ada tool pindahan ke blogger dan tumbl

  5. Meiiiiiii, aku bisa dapetin ikan jambalnya!!! Mamimu berangkat kapan???

  6. Duh, ke blogger lagi ? Ada infonya, cie ? Bisa berbagi ?