Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some Symbolic Food For The Chinese New Year

More info abt Chinese New Year Celebration I learn. Last year I attached the food festival from Indo. This time from the original country, China.

Well...at least, I am trying to keep my " half Chinese " tradition. . Let's check it out :


SHANGHAI SPRING ROLLS signify wealth because the deep fried rolls resemble gold bullions.


CLAMS – look like old Chinese silver ingots when they open, so they also signify prosperity. Eat them steamed or stir fried with black bean sauce.

WHOLE STEAMED FISH symbolize abundance. The Chinese word for Fish (“YU”) is a homonym for abundance. This must be prepared as a whole fish, with head and tail intact. My favorite is live killed fish steamed the Cantonese way.



ORANGES signify good luck and are frequently given as gifts during the Chinese New Year. Clementines and tangerines are in season now, so serve them as a refreshing, low calorie dessert.



PEANUTS – symbolize long life. Serve dry roasted peanuts with cocktails before the meal or cook them into a dish like KUNG PAO CHICKEN (Szchuan chicken with peanuts).

NOODLES the long strands symbolize long life. Eat them stir-fried or in soup.


NIAN GAO (sticky rice cakes) represent the sticking together of family and a good year to come. (Picture Left - Cantonese Style New Year Nian Gao).

source : Copyright© 2009 by Helen Chen. All rights reserved.

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Dang!!! I was at CAM on Sunday and saw the " Nian Gao ",but wasn't sure it was. So I skipped it. Cos it looked so hard and not brown color. Ughhhhh...... I should have bought 1 :(''

Yesterday, I went to another Asian Store,I called them earlier to make sure if they had some.The lady said " Yes,we have 2 here.I'll save them for you." But when I went there,it's different stuff. It looked like " Bak Cang ( Hokkian ) " .I didn't wanna buy it :(.


Oh well... let's  " enjoy " the pictures then . Gong xi... gong xi... Help yourself...We got lots of food here.


Happy Moo-Moo Year!!!!!!






  1. Gong xi Gong Xi... wah daku malah gak ke asian market...nanti sorean baru mau masak.. :)

  2. Waaaah TFS yaaah cie... gong xi fa cai... ^__^

  3. sama2,Deb.Tukaran ang pao ,yukk... ka ka ka ka ka ka

  4. Gong xi Fa cai ya... kembaranku. cium utk Mei le ya.

  5. sama2,kembaran.... MeiLee lg di rmh sama bapaknya ( pagi ini snow emergency level 3,jadi Ronnie gak kerja). Emaknya malah yg msk kantor dari jam 7 pagi tadi :(

  6. gong xi gong xi, wah ketinggalan imlek tahun ini hehehehe, met tahun baru yaaa, semoga makin tambah rejekynya