Sunday, March 9, 2008

Your Music's Killing Me :P

Ronnie and I spend time at the basement with MeiLee at nite. He plays Everquest, meanwhile I check my Mp,emails,reading articles ect.

Sometimes he asks me to play game with him. .I said, Aghh.. don't wanna. " . Everytime he plays, a few times he got DC. He mumbling what happened. Then,he realizes that my Imeem impacts to the game. . he said, " AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm dead again.I am in the middle of the fight." he he he he.

I said," I didn't do anything. " He he he he. He looked at me and said," Are you streaming ?? Your music ?? " I said," I closed it.I closed my MP" .

Ronnie said,' Baby...whatever it is,it disturbs my computer.Please get rid of it.... I'm about to block Multiply or whatever . Bla bla bla bla." he he he he.

Awww....I better get rid of the Imeem before he really block the MP.ha ha ha ha. So.. tonite I took out the songs. Maybe when he's not at home,I'll put the songs back.He he he he.


He said," Your music is killing me. " I said," You're killing me."

Biarlah.. bini ngalah yg penting msh bisa main MP2an ...  Cheersssssssss


  1. wih bapak2 gaul maen everquest.. =))

  2. yeee.... sblm nikah udah main Everquest,Wi.. Koleksi CD nya banyak bener :D . Bini disuruh ikutan utk meng-heal doank.Capekkkkkkkk. Ka ka ka ka ka.

  3. hahaha.. bagian heal doank.. lolz..

  4. Yoa...Kalo gak nge-heal,disuruh lari menyelamatkan diri ke ruangan lain.Bersemedi ,trus balik lagi. Ka ka ka ka ka. Capekkkkkkkkkkkk.. Mending ngempi :P