Thursday, May 24, 2007

May 20th : Ketemuan dgn MPer ( Ito Erikson Silalahi from IN )

On Sunday, we went to church. We picked up Yoko.Later in the afternoon,I got sms from Ito Silalahi.He said he'd come to Cincinnati with his son. His wife couldn't come since she worked.

He got some friends here ( a few of them I know ). I invited Dani n Yoko to meet him. Thinking abt having dinner together at Dynasty, he called me saying that he and his son stopped by at Covington,KY, and had dinner already.

So, me, Dani n Yoko had dinner at Dynasty.Around 10 pm, we met Ito Silalahi at Kabuto ( he got a friend there ). Ronny,the cook, had left. I met Ndang,Decky and new staff, Nova, there. We chitted chatted for a while and stopped by at Fireside Motel, look for a room for him and his soon.

The motel didn't look good, so he decided to find another one. I took them to stop by at the bar,so he could meet Ronnie.

Since he had his son, they couldn't get in. They just talked at the front door. I invited them to have lunch tomorrow noon.

As we promised, I picked Dani n Yoko,then met Ito Silalahi at the parking lot ( Pizza Hut,next to our bar ).

I cooked Mujair Asam Manis, Kerang Tumis,Mie Goreng,Nasi,Kerupuk and dessert tropical fruit ( I bought from CAM ).

We had nice lunch with Mom.Dani was stuffed, he's sleepy. I was,too. ha ha ha.

Ito Silalahi left for IN at 4pm ( he took his son to Zoo earlier ).

Well.... it's a nice visit of yours... I am glad finally I met someone from Tiga Balata ( which is not so far from where I lived ).

Makasih ya, To, udh mampir. Nyesal kan gak bawa plg mie gorengnya ? he he he he.

Thank you to Dani n Yoko,too.


  1. hai... kembaran.. masih aktif kumpul2 ya..

  2. mei how do you do ? how is the bebe ? semoga mei and bebe sehat sehat :)

  3. ada toch Silalahi di sana Eda....???
    salam dech buat Ito Silalahi.

  4. Alow...alow..... kembaran,masih aktif,ngumpul2 di sana sini. He he he.

  5. Doing good,say.Lama gak bersapa ria kita ya. Bebe is doing well. Gak muntah2 lagi, cuma gak kukunya ini, pipis bisa sampe 30 kali dlm sehari. :P

  6. Kenal juga,da? Dia mampir ke sini cuma bentar.Tapi lumayanlah,ketemu satu kampung. :D

  7. kenalin dong si Lalahinya, gw Tambunan tauuuu..samaan.